jeudi 3 décembre 2009

OTA's characteristics

  • By the large choice of products offered, the client find everythings he needs for his trip.OTA are gain of time
  • Price does not longer reflects the quality of services
  • we can find different types of OTA:
1- Classic (eg.Expedia, the client knows what he buys)

2- Reverse auction by bidding (eg: priceline) where the client decides for the price

3- Hide, hotels names are hiden, the client does not know what he buys until the last moment (eg: hotwire)

  • OTAs can generate trafic for hotel, but hotels loose the control of client segmentation and credibility(eg. a 5* hotel that receives and attract low class & uni=educated people)
  • The communication methods are trendy, present in social network sites (eg: facebook, twitter)
  • OTAs try to develop customers'loyalty by different programmes: newsletter, rewards =, personal account
  • offers are frenquently updated
  • OTAs guarantee online payment security

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